If you're looking for a powerful blender that can crush ice and leafy greens, this is the one for you. very compact and silent, perfect for use late at night or early in the morning .

  • Step #1

    Place your blender upside down and remove the bottom part.

    This will allow you to place your ingredients easily

  • Step #2

    Fill your bottle with the ingredients you want

    You can be creative with this. Frozen fruits and ice works

    (you can try our delicous recipes below)

  • Step #3

    Place the bottom back on, then press the button twice

    You can now enjoy your fruity deliciousness!

  • Self easy cleaning

    cleaning your blenders is normally such a drag, But not Ours!

    Our Smart blenders makes cleaning such an easy task.

  • Easy Charge

    with magnetic asistance

  • Looks so chic!

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Fruity Frozen deliciousness